Why Outsource

A good number of surveys rank India as one of the favorite destinations for outsourcing.

Why Outsource

A good number of surveys rank India as one of the favorite destinations for outsourcing and it is fast becoming a global hub for offshore back-office services. U.S. and European companies continue shifting their IT services, call-center operations and other business processes to the subcontinent. We service the local as well as international market since outsourcing is not just a domain limited to the businesses overseas. The services are not only cost-effective but have proved to be proficient in exploring talent overseas. As India progresses bringing its business venture on par with the international market we help in providing a global insight to our services which helps our clients to compete on a higher level.

What makes India indispensable?

  • What makes India indispensable?
  • The quality of service and its consistency has always been appreciated.
  • Modern India is well-developed and boasts of high quality infrastructure and technological capabilities.
  • The pricing has been competitive and affordable.
  • There is negligible lag phase in service delivery.
  • Government IT policies focus on growth and ease of transaction.

At Synergy each of our clients gets equal preference and undivided attention. Our client satisfaction level has been positive and the deliverables are prompt and efficient. We believe in following global standards to help our customer compete in the world market. We provide security in products and trust in the relationship that is formed with the client. We are constantly updated with the technological innovations in the market and use state of art technology to fulfill the client requirement.

The work culture is another reason for you to outsource your IT needs to Synergy. As Indians we are well aware of the skilled people with varied expertise, commitment to individual projects and focus on post-production services that are the high points of Synergy as well. We are in constant pursuit of our commitments to our clients.

We provide consistency in output and ensure ease of communication through an efficient team effort. We focus on meeting deadlines while exceeding expectations.

  • Ms. Batul Koita
    I would like to thank you and your team for the new and vibrant website. It looks very innovative and the designs look more effective in the format you have created..
    Ms. Batul Koita
    Batuls Design Studio
  • Mr. Yusuf Pittalwala
    For my business we had to setup an online web application to generate quotations,I found Synergy Web Technologies input very good and accurate. What I appreciated most was the time taken to really understand my business and what it needed from its website during our initial discussions. This resulted in a great web application that ticked every box and has vastly helped the business efficiency – not to mention the many positive comments we received from our employees and distributors! The one-to-one training was excellent and ongoing support second to non including coming up with an affordable solution to a pre-existing application.
    Mr. Yusuf Pittalwala
    Dentmasters Corporation
  • Mr. Hussan Rangwala
    I must say working with Synergy Web Technologies & their team has been a pleasure. They incorporated all my suggestions, added some improvements and produced a very attractive website! The site is more professional and is much faster! They get the job done properly and they do good work. Great Job! Keep it up!
    Mr. Hussan Rangwala
    BVK (Photochem Industries)

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